Dan DeWitt: I'm a sketching, writing, thinking, coffee-drinking, husband, father, pastor, creative combatant, blessed with the opportunity to serve the faculty and students of Boyce College. The only really good thing about me is the gospel.



    My wife, April, and I have three sons, the twins Isaiah and Micah, little Josiah, and our daughter Addilynn Joy. We enjoy hanging out together and chasing the legendary dragon that lives in the tunnels beneath Southern Seminary.



    SBTS Press just published “A Guide to Evangelism.” I was honored to edit the project and contribute a chapter. There are chapters on sharing the gospel with Mormons, Muslims, and Skeptics. You can order a copy here.



    My book Jesus or Nothing
    is now available for pre-order through Crossway Books. Clear Sight music artist, FLAME, is producing an album by the same title to release with the book.



    Boyce College is the undergraduate school of Southern Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, which exists to equip gospel-centered leaders to serve the church & engage the culture.

Sketchy Views // Since I was a little kid I've always enjoyed to sketch. Maybe that's why I like G.K. Chesterton so much, a man who illustrated almost as many books as he wrote. They're nothing fancy, but enjoy nonetheless.

About this Blog // Theolatte is my outlet to talk about everything from theology to espresso based beverages. I'm interested in the public intersection of faith and skepticism. That's where I spend a lot of my research & writing time. I illustrate my blog with pictures from the public domain including some of my favorite cartoons from Punch magazine.

I've always enjoyed creating stuff. That's why when our kids came along we started a tradition of making up stories. This, of course, invevitably led to illustrating the tales and self publishing them. From dragons to pill bugs, these are the things we talk about when darkness falls from the wings of night.