Dan DeWitt: I'm a sketching, writing, thinking, coffee-drinking, husband, father, pastor, creative combatant, blessed with the opportunity to serve the faculty and students of Boyce College. The only really good thing about me is the gospel.



    My wife, April, and I have three sons, the twins Isaiah and Micah, little Josiah, and our daughter Addilynn Joy. We enjoy hanging out together and chasing the legendary dragon that lives in the tunnels beneath Southern Seminary.



    I am excited about my book The Owlings: A Worldview Novella which came out in late November. I wrote it for younger readers & their parents. The book includes a discussion guide for parents or ministry leaders.



    My book Jesus or Nothingis available through Crossway Books. Clear Sight Records produced the album Jesus or Nothing inspired by the content of the book.



    Boyce College is the undergraduate school of Southern Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, which exists to equip gospel-centered leaders to serve the church & engage the culture.

Sketchy Views // Since I was a little kid I've always enjoyed to sketch. Maybe that's why I like G.K. Chesterton so much, a man who illustrated almost as many books as he wrote. They're nothing fancy, but enjoy nonetheless.

About this Blog // Theolatte is my outlet to talk about everything from theology to espresso based beverages. I'm interested in the public intersection of faith and skepticism. That's where I spend a lot of my research & writing time. I illustrate my blog with pictures from the public domain. Click here for website credits.


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    I used to believe apologetics was primarily for evangelism. I’ve changed my mind. Defending the faith has become and is becoming an increasingly important element of discipleship. The Christian philosopher William Lane Craig made this point by drawing a strong connection between apologetics and parenthood in his recent talk “


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    Shane Hayes converted to atheism. Then he converted to theism. His journey finally culminated in his conversion to Christianity. Hayes describes this process in his recent book The End of Unbelief: A New Approach to the Question of God:

    “At age twenty, I came to believe that there was no God. That was my


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    Defending the faith is not an exclusively male activity. I’m not sure why anyone would ever think it is. In fact, the Greek word apologia, from which we get our English word apologetics meaning defense, is a feminine noun. It should come as no surprise to know that there is a growing number of female scholars defending the Christian faith.

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