“Account me, then, the master man, Laying my rigid rule upon The plan, and that which serves the plan –The uncomplaining, helpless stone.”

The Stone made answer: “Masters mine,
Know this: that I can bless or damn
The thing that both of you design
By being but the thing I am;

“For I am granite and not gold.
For I am marble and not clay,
You may not hammer me nor mold –
I am the master of the way.

“Yet once that mastery bestowed
Then I will suffer patiently
The cleaving steel, the crushing load,
That make a calvary of me;

“And you may carve me with your hand
To arch and buttress, roof and wall,
Until the dream rise up and stand –
Serve but the stone, the stone serves all.”


If you have not read the first part of the poem you can do so here.  This is a dedicatory poem by Dorothy Sayers published in 1943 with her play “The Man Born To Be King.” I will post the remaining lines of the poem tomorrow.