This is one of the more fun writing projects I have done in recent history. This is a spoken word poem I wrote about the day that death knocked on the wrong door. I was inspired to write this after studying 1 Corinthians 15 for a sermon I preached on the resurrection.




Death’s Obituary

Death follows hard after breathing beings;
He ain’t stoppin’ ’til he freeze your feelings;
Or seize your nerves and leave you reeling.
This is no joke: you’ve been told before;
It’s too late when he’s knockin’ at your door.
But the Devil’s surprise, can’t believe his eyes;
The hinges whine, he discovers his prize;
Before him stands: an innocent Lamb.
Nailed him down, crucified I AM.
Buried him deep then locked the door.
Threw away the keys (but please) there’s more;
What God had in store, sent Death through the floor;
High King of Calvary, the prisoners set free;
Though slain, now raised, claimin’ victory.
And now we read: Death’s Obituary.