Day: May 11, 2017

How Can There Be a Supernatural God When There is Science?

The following audio file is from a talk I gave at Apex Community Church in Kettering, Ohio, a couple weeks ago. They asked me to talk about how the topic, “How Can There Be a Supernatural God When There Is Science?” Following the talk we did a brief time of Q&A that is also in the audio file.

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Church Clap

The following video is from the Reach Records artist Kevin Burgess, known as KB. KB is one of my favorite lyricists who always delivers solid content through creative and rich metaphors and lines. The song Church Clap, besides just being a lot of fun, is about the need for the church to stand on true doctrine.

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Some Thoughts on the End

Stephen Hawking’s recent comments about the need to evacuate earth are akin to the shot heard ’round the world, or in this case the voice heard ’round the universe. If you buy the purely materialistic outlook, like he does, then this makes perfect sense. Predictions about the end of earth, rooted in scientific theories, should be taken seriously. But the Christian believes we have more to go on than just science.

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