Day: September 12, 2017

Making Sense of God

The philosopher Pascal once said that Christians should seek to first show that Christianity is desirable, then plausible, and only then to demonstrate that it’s true. If this is a preferable model for a winsome witness, then Tim Keller has mastered it as both a science and art. And if his influential book The Reason for God was aimed at showing the reasonableness and veracity of Christianity, his new book, Making Sense of God, sets its sights mainly on demonstrating the desirability of the gospel message.

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A Formula for Peace

After Jesus told the disciples he was going to die they were understandably freaked out. I would have been too. In John chapter sixteen, among other things, Jesus tells them he is going to leave them. The chapter ends with Jesus’ words, “I’ve said these things that in me you might have peace.

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