God’s mission is glory.

God’s mission is glorious.

The glorious reality of God’s mission is that His mission is to glorify himself.

Some might see the fact that God’s glory is God’s mission as self-centered.  This is, in fact, the right way to see it. To better understand the self-glorification (or what could be called the self-centered) mission of God we have to look at the bigger picture.  What else could serve as God’s highest mission?

Could creation be the highest mission of God?  Could humans be the highest mission of God?  For God to place as His central mission anything less than His own glory would be compromise.  In a similiar way, for God to call us to anything less than His glory would be a lesser calling.   It is this fact that should remind us of our greatest joy.

We are called into the mission of glorifying God. In this truth we find the ultimate prize and joy – in glorifying our Creator.  What some would consider narcisistic on the part of God is actually the means to our greatest joy.  In seeking His glory we find our greatest fulfillment.  As John Piper has stated so succinctly, “God is the most glorified in us when we are the most satisified in Him.”  In our being consumed by the glory of God we are thrust into the very essence of our existence.  Nothing could be more fulfilling than to live out the embedded purpose that has been bestowed upon us from our Creator.

To be loved by God is to experience His mercy.  To love God is to be involved in His mission. Our apathy towards the mission stems from a lack of a proper view of God.  Think of the prophet Isaiah who upon seeing the glory of God responded with “Here am I send me.”  Until we, better yet – until I, get a vision for the absolute majesty of God — until I am consumed by a passion for His name — my involvement in His great mission will be limited at best.  The greatest motivator for evangelism is not a love for the lost first and foremost – it is a love for the glory of God that will drive us to fulfill the Great Commission.

God’s glory is His mission. The more I become like Him the more passionate I will be about His glory.  The more passionate I am about His glory, the more persistent I will be in doing the work of evangelism.  Until I place His glory as my highest aim I will lack the total fulfillment that comes from enjoying Him and I will be relegated to the fringe of His redemptive work on earth.  My prayer today is that God would give me a passion for His renown.

May His glory be my mission.

May the world know the glory of our God.

“Question:  What is the chief end of man? Answer:  To glorify God and enjoy Him forever.”
-Westminster Shorter Catechism (written in the 1640s)