Karaoke & Koinonia

So the Sunday night after Christmas is usually a time of quiet and relaxation…not this year.

We spent the post-Christmas Sunday evening at Lincoln Avenue Baptist Church playing karaoke in their old sanctuary with friends. We had a lot of fun. The group consisted of mainly thirty-somethings with small children running around. Some other (older) church members had come for moral support, but in the end they became part of the show as well.

Some would view this scene as sacrilegious.

I thought it was probably the best Sunday evening service in town.  We didn’t have worship per se, or a Bible study, but we did hang out and enjoy one another. We laughed.  A lot. As we left we vowed to make this an annual tradition.

I guess sometimes the best fellowship can’t be programed.

Next year if I’m in the position to choose between a traditional evening worship service or a repeat of our guitar hero madness – I’ll choose karaoke and koinonia.

(Defintion: Koinonia is the Greek word for fellowship)