The Curse & The Cross

Satan, the archenemy of God, seeks to rob God of glory.  It’s his highest goal.  As God’s nemesis, he seeks to pervert, distort, subvert and otherwise abolish the glory that God alone deserves.  Satan’s desire for his own glory, instead of God’s, is what led to his fallen estate.  He now responds with evil intent and sinister strategy to thwart the work of God at every point in human history.

The two most evident ways that you see Satan’s plan unfold in Scripture are at creation and at the incarnation.  At creation Satan was lurking and scheming until he was able to tempt Adam and Eve to the point of sin.  As a result of their decision to disobey their Creator God, they fell under the curse of sin.  The curse continues to this day.  Every earthquake, every heartbreak, every disease and every disaster reminds us of the curse.  God – Creation.  Satan – Curse.

The Bible says that at the appointed time God sent His Son into the world.  The Christ was conceived by the virgin Mary.  While the angels praised God for this wondrous event, Satan was again lurking.  He was at work in the heart of King Herod who went a rampage, resulting in a mass genocide.  God protected His Son from Herod’s terror, but Satan did not give up.  At the peak of Jesus’ earthly ministry it seemed that Satan got the upper hand.  His evil plot led to the false trial, the beatings and then the crucifixion.  God – Christ. Satan – Cross.

From an earthly perspective some might consider God’s glory to be unseated and defeated.  From a biblical perspective we see that the opposite is the case.  God is reversing the curse.  He has promised to make all things new.  God has resurrected the Christ.  Somehow, in some way that is to glorious for me to fully grasp, God is bringing MORE glory to Himself through the establishment of a new earth and through a resurrected Messiah.  God is reversing the curse and redeeming a people.

At each point of God’s work Satan opposes His glory.  At each step of our lives Satan will oppose us in our aim of bringing God glory.  God has triumphed over the serpent and, in Christ, so will we.

Praise be to God, who through Christ, is redeeming a people and reversing the curse.

Soli Deo Gloria