Creedo: I believe God has spoken

I don’t want people to think I’m a back-woods, red-neck, superstitious, anti-intellectual.  That’s why it can be a temptation to shy away from questions like “Do you really believe Jonah was swallowed by a whale?”

I do, to answer the question, believe a large fish swallowed Jonah and then puked him out onto dry land three days later. That, however, is far from the most outlandish of my beliefs.

I believe God created the world.  I believe God sent his son into the world. I believe God raised his son to life after Jesus was brutally killed and buried in a borrowed tomb. I believe some pretty audacious things.

I believe God has spoken.  I believe that we have access to the revealed will of the Creator God. I believe the Bible is reliable.  I believe it.

It’s not that Christians don’t understand or appreciate science.  We get microscopes and telescopes; we just believe there is more to life than the natural world.

In short, we believe in a supernatural God who created nature.  He exists outside of it and he is not dependent on it. Yet, he loves his creation and he generally interacts within the physical laws he created, but he is able to interrupt those physical laws when he so desires.

God exists and He has spoken.

I believe it.


Creedo is a sermon series we are going through at the campus church.  The title of the series is based on the Latin word crēdō, which means “I believe.”