Three Reasons I’m a Christian

There really aren’t ‘just’ three reasons I’m a Christian.  There are many.

However, I would like to give a brief overview of three broad categories, each worthy of lengthy investigation, for which I am a follower of Christ.

I find it necessary to say a word of thanks to everyone who has challenged my system of beliefs through lively dialogue, whether face-to-face or via Facebook. Such conversations have helped me fine-tune and summarize both what and why I believe.

1.)  Belief in God provides a more intellectually satisfying explanation of reality than other worldviews. Like the vast majority of humanity, I don’t buy into the proposition that there is no God.  There are too many things in life that are better explained by the existence of an Ultimate Reality (ie. The fact that we are here to have this conversation for starters).

Like Antony Flew, the famous former atheist, I find the existence of an “invisible gardener” to be a better explanation for the complex design in the universe.

2.)  Because all world religions teach very different things either all of them are wrong or only one of them is right.

If there is a God it is impossible to say that all religions truly teach the way to him.  As author and pastor Ravi Zacharias has said, “Anyone who claims that all religions are the same betrays not only an ignorance of all religions but also a caricatured view of even the best-known ones.”

At some point we all have to put our “big boy” pants on and recognize that everyone can’t be right.  It’s not politically correct, but contradictory truth claims cannot be solved by saying every religion is “true in its own way.”

At this point I would agree with C.S. Lewis that Christians need not say all religions apart from Christianity are entirely wrong. As Lewis explained, monotheistic religions are more true than polytheistic ones. However, as Lewis continues, at some point only one religion can be true in its entirety.

3.)  Recognizing that only one set of “truth claims” about God can be true, I find that Christianity is the most believable.

Ergo, I believe Christianity is the fulfillment of the prophecies of the Jewish religion through the historical person of Jesus Christ whose birth, death and resurrection have more evidence than any other event in antiquity.

There was a time when I followed Christ because it is my family heritage.  That time has past.  Today I identify with Jesus, and describe myself as a Christian, because I believe the gospel narratives are reliable historical accounts of a revolutionary figure whose life continues to transform our world today.


As a theologian I have to state that I am not a Christian merely because of reason or logic alone. However, for the sake of this article I felt it important to highlight the logical reasons for my belief in Christianity.


Monotheistic Religions: Belief in one God.

Polytheistic Religions: Belief in many gods.

Ergo: Latin for therefore.  Using Latin makes you sound smart. Ergo, I incorporated a little to try to help my pseudo-intellectual status.