More Than Bloomin’ Flowers

There is something very springesque about Easter.  Actually, I think it is the other way around – there is something very Easteresque about spring.

Every April we are reminded of new life.  The flowers bloom, the birds sing, and a perennial truth penetrates the post-winter air. Our spring traditions have had real meaning for over 2,000 years now.  Because of the historical resurrection of the Christ we can truly experience new life.

I’m thinking of starting a marketing campaign, “Spring: It’s more than blooming flowers.”  Warmer weather actually seems to decrease suicide rates. Unfortunately, we know winter will come again.

The reality is: our sense of hope, joy and peace cannot be satisfied with the mere changing of the seasons. We need a change of heart that only a resurrected corpse who claimed to be God can offer.

Jesus is risen.  Hallelujah.