Easy is Hard

Making things easy is hard work.

A fan of Ernest Hemmingway once remarked to the author that it was quite easy to read his work.  Hemmingway replied, “It’s easy to read because it’s hard to write.”  He developed a unique writing style (now known as  Iceberg Theory) by ommitting  essential elements of the story that he felt the reader would deduce on their own.  His clarity of writing afforded him both popularity and influence.  He was once supposedly challenged to write a story using less than seven words.  His six-word work is truly thought provoking: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”

Hemmingway illustrates the power of simplicity.

Unfortunately, “clear” and “concise” are two words rarely used to describe Sunday morning homilies.  These adjectives need to be introduced into the vocabulary of your congregation.

If verbose or loquacious are better descriptions of your preaching style, consider making Twitter your new sermon editor. Twitter is a social media tool which allows users to update their status in 140 characters or less.  If you can’t “tweet” the main point of your sermon, you have probably taken the easy path of being overly complex.

Do the hard work of making your message plain and simple. You might be surprised to find that this allows you to broaden your influence without diluting your content.

You can preach the gospel in plain English.  You can make understanding the Bible simple.

It won’t be easy.  Easy is hard.