Jerusalem Obits: Jesus is Dead

2,000 years ago the Jerusalem Courier Journal would have carried Jesus’ obituary.

Can you imagine the timid disciples reconvening somewhere in the dark hours of Saturday morning.  Just the day before, on that bloody Friday, they had watched Jesus breathe his last breath.  His bruised body now laid in a sealed tomb.  They could barely believe the words that were coming out of their mouths, “Jesus is really dead.”

This Sabbath was likely spent with recounting the events of the day prior, comforting one another, and trying hard to imagine how different life would now be.  This day would be dark and desolate.  But it was only Saturday.  As one great preacher liked to remind us, “Sunday was coming.”

The gospels tell us that early on Sunday morning Mary and the disciples found an empty tomb and an angelic being with a message of resurrection.  The angel’s words would be confirmed by the multiple appearances of the risen Christ.

Saturday’s headlines may have read “Jesus is dead,” but the truth of Easter Sunday would forever change the world:  Jesus is risen.  Hallelujah.