Humble, Fumble and Bumble

Humble, Fumble and Bumble
(Adventures in Parables)

Humble was as a chummy man.
He led a church and drove a white van.


Fumble was a lucky chap.
He liked to drink tea and take Sunday naps.


Bumble was about as smart as they come.
He had answers for everything under the sun.


The dearest of friends, these three
Were closest to Heaven, but never free.


They liked to be seen,
and they seemed to be liked.


They looked down upon downers.
They frowned upon frowners.


They trusted in deeds and labored in love.
Striving for acceptance that comes from above.


Too bad, so sad, it was all a mistake.
They couldn’t reach Heaven for Heaven’s sake.


And so it was for Humble, Fumble and Bumble.
They weren’t anything like their poor neighbor Stumble.


While he was less than they,
He knew more, but in a simple way.


He trusted in something he could not earn,
While they worked for what they would never deserve.


Humble wasn’t humble enough.
Of this he boasted, but his pride was too much.


Fumble couldn’t be good enough,
He tried and tried, without any luck.


Bumble couldn’t talk his way out.
His IQ was high, but of mercy he knew nothing about.


So don’t be like Humble, Fumble and Bumble.
They looked the part but shunned poor Stumble.


Stumble was coarse and far from top shelf,
But he trusted in God and he humbled himself.


In the end the three were condemned to their face.
As for poor Stumble, he was saved by God’s grace.


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