Social Graces

We are taking our study of grace to the world of social media!

You can call it “social graces” if you like.

Here’s the deal:

We have kicked off our midweek Bible study for the summer at the campus church.  Our study is called “Pro Bono” and it is a verse-by-verse walk through Paul’s letter to the churches of Galatia.  The doctrines found in this book are so potent that they transformed the heart and mind of Martin Luther, who in turn led the Protestant Reformation. There is nothing better than an in-depth study of grace to strengthen your Christian walk.

We are meeting in the Old Louisville Coffee House all summer on Thursday nights at 7PM.  If you are in town, join us at 7pm for fellowship, worship, and conversational Bible study.

If you are not in town, but would like to join us: you can live stream the service and text us your questions and comments (in real time).  The live stream will begin between 7:10-7:15PM.

We cordially invite you to join the conversation, in person, or via the web.



Text your question or comment to: 41411

Body of text: campuschurch

Directions: The number you send your text to is 41411.  In the body of the text you will need to type: campuschurch with no spaces in between.  You will then leave a space after campuschurch and begin your message.


First, make sure you are following @thecampuschurch on Twitter.

Second, all you have to do is write @thecampuschurch into your tweet followed by your comment.  (ie. @thecampuschurch, why does Dan have such a big nose?)

We will respond to comments and questions at the end of the lesson.  Hope to see you in person or online!