The Art of Faith

Both the content and title from this post come from the devotional compilation of Martin Luther’s writings called By Faith Alone.  I shared this last night at the campus church.  Several people commented that they really appreciated it, so I thought I would share it online here.

The Art of Faith

By Martin Luther

Grace is present when your heart is restored by the promise of God’s free mercy. Then your heart can say with the author of Psalm 42, “O my soul, why are you so troubled and restless? Do you only see the law, sin, terror, sadness, despair, death, hell, and the devil? Aren’t grace, forgiveness of sins, righteousness, comfort, joy, peace, life, heaven, Christ, and God also present? Stop being troubled, my soul. What are the law, sin, and everything evil compared to them? Trust God. He didn’t spare his own Son but offered him up to death on a cross for your sins.”

So when you are frightened by the law, you can say, “Lady Law, you are not the only thing, and you are not everything. Besides you there is something even greater and better, specifically, grace, faith, and blessing. They don’t accuse, frighten, or condemn me. They comfort me, tell me to expect the best, and assure me of my certain victory and salvation in Christ. So there’s no reason for me to despair.”

Whoever truly understands this can be called a theologian. Certain leaders who are always boasting about the Spirit believe that they understand living by faith extremely well. I, however, and others like me, know that we scarcely possess the fundamentals. We are diligent students in the school where the art of faith is taught. No matter how well it’s taught, as long as we remain in these sinful bodies, we will never finish our learning.