Right Brain Theology

You have selective hearing.

At least that is what my mother told me as a child. Apparently this is an epidemic that afflicts a large percentage of the population. People often don’t hear what we tell them, or at least they don’t hear what we intend for them to hear.

Over the last few days I have found myself thinking a lot about the way people hear and process the gospel. I noticed a pattern as I worked through defining general categories through which people respond to information. This is far from scholarly research, but it is grounded in personal observation. The categories quickly began to fit into right brain vs. left brain domains.

People respond and resonate with information differently. I think the following contrasting categories illustrate this point:




I think that left brain thinkers resonate more with presentations that are complex, concrete and propositional. On the other hand, right brainers are more responsive to presentations that are simple, abstract and narrative.

This is a concept I plan on working out more in the future, but thought I would give you a glimpse into my right brained thinking process. More to come.

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