The Christianity Dialogue

I wanted to post an announcement about a conversation that many of you may well be interested in.

I have had the great privilege of building relationships with a lot of people who hold fundamentally different worldviews than mine.  Such friendships have been a great blessing to my intellectual, social and even spiritual development.  I am really excited about one particular relationship that is going to be quite public.

This last year at the campus church I have been extremely impressed with a student at UofL who is an atheist.  I first met Nick at our event “Atheism Remix.”  He also attended our recent event “Christianity True or False.”  At both events his questions were insightful and articulate.  He has posted a response to both events that can be found on his blog: Your Tea Pot.

Nick and I have discussed a “project” for his senior year that we are going to call “The Christianity Dialogue.”  Nick has made a commitment to be a part of our faith community for one year, which will entail being at our weekly worship services, hanging out with me for coffee on occasion, and joining me for one of my out of town speaking engagements. Nick and I will interact about his experiences on a new blog we will launch in the fall.

We have purchased the domain and will publicize the blog once it is designed.

Stay posted for more details.