Blind Archers

“Like an archer who wounds everyone, is one who hires a passing fool or drunkard.”
(Proverbs 26:10)

This verse struck me as unusually humorous as I had my morning devotional time at a local coffee shop. I immediately had the mental image of a person with bow in hand surrounded by a confused and bloody crowd running around with arrow wounds. This could easily be a subtitle to a scene from a Monty Python movie.

The reality is when someone acts foolishly they end up hurting others. Their words and actions are like sharpened arrows shot arbitrarily. Don’t get too close to a blind archer. They might not be aiming at anything in particular, but if you are in their path you will likely get hit.

Like the blind leading the blind are those who flock to leaders who are known for foolish and self-centered behavior. If you are an employer looking to make a hire, or a church looking to call a pastor, whatever you do, don’t hire a blind archer. You’ll get hurt every time.