The Relevant Gospel

Quit trying to make the gospel relevant.

The gospel is relevant in itself. It is in fact, the most relevant proposition for mankind. More relevant than man’s desires or fashions is his soul’s deepest need. It is at this most critical crossroad that the gospel confronts humanity.

It is your job to be clear when speaking of the gospel. Clarity is your job.

It is the gospel’s job to be powerfully relevant. Relevance is its job.

In seeking to “make” the gospel relevant to the culture of the day many ministers are tempted to tweak gospel content.  This is the first and fastest step towards being irrelevant.

Quit trying to make the gospel relevant.

It is the power of God unto salvation, not your creativity or packaging. Both are important, but neither make the gospel relevant. God makes the gospel relevant.  God has made the gospel relevant.

Go and be unashamed of the powerfully relevant gospel of Jesus Christ.