The Divine Word

The Divine Word
“And of his fullness we have all received, and grace upon grace. For the law was given through Moses; Grace and truth was realized through Jesus Christ.”
-The Apostle John


The Living Word, come down to earth
In chords of grace & truth
A child is born of virgin birth
And here, his life gives proof:

That God is just and wholly love,
His grace is truly free.
His heart sent down from above
From Bethlehem to Calvary.

Our hope is found and gained in Him,
Incarnate Deity.
He was bruised for us and for our sin,
And of his loss we sing.

But it is his life that conquers all,
Death has lost its sting.
Our hearts still weary from the fall,
Now of his love we sing.

From the first Noel to Easter morn,
Of this we have believed:
Our hope secured, we’ve been reborn
His life we have received.