The Incarnation & Natural Submission

Was the Incarnation a violation of the physical laws of the universe?

This question overlooks the fact that God is the Creator of both said laws and of said universe. But let’s flesh this out a little more:

For example, it is physically impossible for a man to walk on water. A man can float upon it or swim in it, but he cannot walk on top of it. Thus, the example of Jesus treading upon the waves must be a violation of several natural laws. Herein lies a misunderstanding of the uttermost.

Because God created the physical laws, they are obedient to him in every way. Gravity being gravity is gravity being obedient to the Creator. The law of gravity is God’s idea. It is an extension of his creative act recorded in Genesis. The apple falling from the tree didn’t establish gravity. It only demonstrated it.

Therefore, the natural laws obey God, naturally. It is when God works within these laws that they are truly the most natural. When Jesus walked on water the laws of water and the laws of gravity continued to be obedient to the Creator. Like a crying child comforted by the presence of its parent, so it is with creation. There was nothing more natural for water than to uphold the feet of the Redeemer. It was as though this was what it was made to do.

Thus, nature was the most natural at the Incarnation. To call this event supernatural is only to say that the laws of nature continued to obey the will of the Creator. In this sense it is supernatural only to us. It was very natural, both for nature and for God.

Should the reader be surprised when Scripture claims that if humans silence their praise God will make the very rocks cry out? Such an occurrence would be nature acting naturally. When Jesus told the storm to be still, it did the most natural thing it could do: it obeyed him.

Perhaps the most supernatural thing we experience is that God would love us. We rarely obey him. This is very unnatural. In this sense, the greatest miracle is that while we were still sinners Christ died for the ungodly. It is the fact that God was in Christ reconciling the world to himself that should really strike us as abnormal. The amazing thing is that the Incarnation resulted in a free offer of salvation for sinners. Now that is truly supernatural.