The Maker Of The Men That Make (Part 2)

“Account me, then, the master man, Laying my rigid rule upon The plan, and that which serves the plan –The uncomplaining, helpless stone.”

The Stone made answer: “Masters mine,
Know this: that I can bless or damn
The thing that both of you design
By being but the thing I am;

“For I am granite and not gold.
For I am marble and not clay,
You may not hammer me nor mold –
I am the master of the way.

“Yet once that mastery bestowed
Then I will suffer patiently
The cleaving steel, the crushing load,
That make a calvary of me;

“And you may carve me with your hand
To arch and buttress, roof and wall,
Until the dream rise up and stand –
Serve but the stone, the stone serves all.”


If you have not read the first part of the poem you can do so here.  This is a dedicatory poem by Dorothy Sayers published in 1943 with her play “The Man Born To Be King.” I will post the remaining lines of the poem tomorrow.