The Maker Of The Men That Make (Part 3)

“Let each do well what each knows best, Nothing refuse and nothing shirk, Since none is master of the rest, But all are servants of the work –

“The work no master may subject
Save He to whom the whole is known,
Being Himself the Architect,
The Craftsman and the Corner-stone.

“Then, when the greatest and the least
Have finished all their labouring
And sit together at the feast,
You shall behold a wonder thing:

“The Maker of the men that make
Will stoop between the cherubim,
The towel and the basin take,
And serve the servants who serve Him.”

The Architect and Craftsman both
Agreed, the Stone had spoken well;
Bound them to service by an oath
And each to his own labor fell.


This is the final segment of the poem “The Makers” written by Dorothy Sayers and published in 1943 with her play “The Man Born To Be King.” I will post a stylized pdf of the poem in its entirety next week.