God, Ghosts and Naked Blue People

Everyone wants tangible proof that God exists.

Believers would appreciate it. Unbelievers demand it.

But isn’t this a categorical mistake? If God is non material, then how can we empirically prove his existence? The short answer is that we cannot; at least in the way that many skeptics require.

Last semester I had a conversation with a college student who said he would believe in God if there was physical proof of his existence; a sign in the sky or something like that. While there is reliable historical evidence for the resurrection of Christ, he was wanting something he could see and touch today.

Maybe we could learn from the movie Avatar and find a scientific way to measure spiritual activity the way they inserted probes into the network of tree roots on Pandora. Perhaps we could learn from the hit eighty’s movie Ghostbusters and develop a PKE meter that would spike whenever God was active.

But what if we are missing the forest for the trees? If God is non material, if he is spirit, then what should we expect? What if the human narrative was filled with non material experiences like morality, beauty, mind, love, personality, free will, and the like? What if reality was replete with experiences that, try as we may, cannot be explained in material categories?

What if we humans ARE the meter? It would be as though each act of art, each pull of moral “ought,” every display of philanthropy was actually pointing us to God? What if we have been missing the point all along?

I thoroughly enjoy getting lost in a movie like Avatar or even a corny oldie like Ghostbusters. But if we are looking for a similar physical manifestation to prove God’s existence, we will be lost indeed. We will see God in the numerous things we encounter every day that defy materialistic explanations.

It is the immaterial phenomenon that points to a transcendent source. These non material occurrences are like the PKE meter on Ghostbusters. They are like the electronic measure on Avatar. They are pointing to God.

Deny them as you may, they do exist. And so does he.