Atheism & Apologetics

Apologetics is about much more than trendy evangelistic methods.

In its broadest sense, apologetics is about the power of the gospel and the glory of God.

I’m going to speak this weekend at Southern Seminary’s event, The Give Me An Answer Conference. Our featured speakers are: Dr. Albert Mohler, C.J. Mahaney, and Dr. Russell Moore. There’s still limited space for anyone who might want to make last minute plans to attend.

I will lead an elective session by the title of “Atheism & Apologetics.” I am honored to have my friend Nick joining me for the presentation. Nick is an engineering student at the University of Louisville. He attends the campus church, where I serve as lead pastor, and he blogs about his experiences as an atheist participating in our ministry at The Christianity Dialogue.

I’ve asked Nick to share “Five things I wish Christians knew about talking to Atheists.” I will present “Apologetics Isn’t & Apologetics Is,” and then we will have an extended time of Q&A with the nearly 100 students who are currently signed up for this break out session. In the next couple of weeks I will publish a couple of blogs posts on the content of the presentation. I will also post the audio from the entire presentation on the podcast section of the site. Stay tuned.