Sixteen Truths

The gospel is the power of God unto salvation, of this we need not be ashamed.

I have spent the last ten months teaching through Paul’s letter to the Romans. In our final study of the series we looked at sixteen truths, each based on one of the sixteen chapters in the book of Romans.

1: The default of the human heart is idolatry leading to hedonism (1:20)

2. The default of human religion is legalism leading to humanism (2:24)

3. Both hedonism and humanism end in despair (3:9, 23) showing that salvation is only obtained on the ground of faith whereby God is both Just and the Justifier (3:26)

4. The OT examples of faith reveal God’s redemptive mission and gracious character (4:23-24)

5.  Jesus is the second Adam, the one who has come to reverse the curse (5:18)

6.  The natural result of grace is love and loyalty (6:17-18)

7.  The Christian life is marked by an increasing measure of fulfillment, struggle and longing (7:24-25)

8.  In Christ believers find freedom from condemnation and hope for human history (8:22-23)

9. God’s saving purposes will prevail (9:16)

10. God’s method for spreading his message of redemption is preaching (10:14-15)

11. Our salvation is by God’s grace and for his glory (11:33)

12:  The power of the gospel is seen when it resonates in the life of the believer, is amplified through the ministry of the church, and reverberates throughout the culture (12:1-2)

13.  The Christian is to submit to authority and serve one another in following the example of Christ (13:14)

14. The goal of Christian liberty is self denial and service (14:18-19)

15. Jesus is the amen of God (15:8-9)

16.  Jesus will crush the serpent and reverse the curse (16:20)