My Bible

It’s leather binding is torn along the fold exposing worn pages bearing the signs of age.

It’s a King James Scofield Study Bible. My mom bought it for me when I left for Bible College shortly after my high school graduation. It’s one of the oldest Bibles I own.

I own a lot of Bibles. More than I really need. Certainly more than I use.

I typically carry my Holman Christian Standard Bible to church with me. It’s a thinner, lighter copy of the Scriptures. It’s a little easier to manage than my study Bibles, particularly while helping April get the twins and Josiah checked into the children’s ministry.

I own a wide margin New American Standard Bible with the inscription “Rev. Daniel DeWitt,” given to me from Highview Baptist Church on the day I was ordained.

April bought me a deep red parallel study Bible to commemorate my graduation from the doctoral program at Southern Seminary. The gold letters list my academic achievement, “Dr. Daniel DeWitt.”

I was recently given a Bible from a friend at Crossway that features the artwork of reknowned artist Makoto Fujimura. I was lucky enough to get a picture with Makoto and an autograph to commemorate the occasion. It’s one of the more valuable Bibles I own.

I own so many Bibles. The real question is, “Does the Bible own me?”