The Grand Design

The Grand Design is the title of Stephen Hawking’s book which sets out to dispel the notion that God created the universe. The book begins with the statement, “Philosophy is dead.” Hawking points to science as the clear perpetrator of the crime. Of course science has, in the past, been blamed for killing God as well. I happen to think it was the butler in the library with a candlestick, but I digress.

There is a fundamental problem with the Hawking’s premise, as noted by Oxford professor John Lennox, “For, the very first thing I notice is that Hawking’s statement about philosophy is itself a philosophical statement. It is manifestly not a statement about science. Therefore, his statement that philosophy is dead contradicts itself. It is a classic example of logical incoherence.”

While Hawking is a brilliant scientist, it seems his logic is flawed from the beginning and his metaphysical assertions overstated.

This sketch is named after Hawking’s book, but is meant to illustrate the grand design of his argument: Namely,the use of science as the gun which is loaded with philosophical bullets. In other words, Hawking has set scientific claims alongside metaphysical assumptions and has sought to convince the reader that the two are synonymous.

You can access John Lennox’s review of Stephen Hawking’s work in video form here; a brief review through a Daily Mail article here; and you can order his small book which provides a helpful review of The Grand Design here.