Of Books & Men


I began publishing “Sketchy Views” in 2010.

These are pencil sketches that I produce to illustrate worldview topics, poke fun at dogmatic philosophers, and juxtapose “new” theologies with orthodox ones. I have imposed specific laws or rules that I try to maintain for Sketchy Views in that it is always in a coffee shop; the cup/mug often illustrates something as to which way the handle is pointed or whether or not it is a hot, cold, or lukewarm drink.

Recently, I started a new sketch series which I’m calling “Of Books & Men,” based on a drawing of G.K. Chesterton from 1933, of which I have a reprint hanging in my office (picture below). I’m borrowing, and hopefully at times building upon, the style or genre of the Chesterton artist. Each sketch will be in ink and will feature a caricature of the respective author in a similar style and pose and illustrate a selected bibliography. I’ve included my first three “Of Books & Men” sketches below of J.R.R. Tolkien, Charles Spurgeon, and C.S. Lewis. Hope you enjoy.