Christopher Hitchens: remembered for his courage.

In a personal reflection of his brother’s life, Peter Hitchens remembers Christopher for his courageous outlook towards, among other things, the cancer that took his life. Peter’s write up is here.

Christopher Hitchens, known by many as “Hitch,” died on December 15, 2011. His quick wit, turn of phrase, and tenacious mind will be missed by all.

Though an avowed atheist, he was close friends with many evangelicals, who like him, enjoyed the hearty dialogue. There is a great write up from one of his good friends Larry Alex Taunton here. Also, Dr. Russell Moore’s post about the nature of grace and death-bed conversions has aroused a great deal of comments.

Christopher Hitchens was a public intellectual and an important thinker – I offer this sketch as my small tribute to a man whose thoughts and writings will continue to foster the sorts of debate and robust dialogue he seemed to value so much.