Be a Man!

The following poem was written by Daniel Taylor and published in 1899.

Quit You Like Men

Stand up, Faint-heart; face thy foe;
Deal him many a well-aimed blow;
Let the cringing craven know,
As you can,
That thy spirit has will,
That thy soul hath metal still,
And thy arm’s not lost its skill,
Be a man!

Act! – and hindrance flees away;
Speak! – and cowards shall obey;
Make your mark as well you may, –
Rouse ye, then!
Up! – And play the hero well;
Smite the dastard powers of hell;
Strike! – and every stroke shall tell –
Be a man!

Heaven-born courage never cowers;
True hearts in this world of ours,
Scorning ease and beds of flowers,
Lead the van.
Let the timid faint hands fold;
Victory is for the bold, –
Bow to neither power nor gold:
Be a man.

Heaven helps those who themselves aid;
God is for thee, – draw thy blade;
Ne’er be faithless nor dismayed,
Once again.
If on Him ye fix your eye,
If Excelsior be thy cry,
Ye shall conquer though ye die!
Be a man!