Satan: Coming to a Town Square Near You

A Satanic Temple based in New York has submitted a proposal to place a large statue of a goat depicting Satan seated on a seven foot throne at the Oklahoma state capitol. A representative from the temple explained that the statue would serve as a contrast to the ten commandments which have been on display at the capitol since 2012.

The temple representative told reporters that the statue would offer children a place to sit on the lap of Satan and find inspiration.

Most Satanists are surprisingly atheistic. Quite often they don’t believe in a literal Satan, or the existence of God for that matter. But even as they move to place a monument at Oklahoma’s capitol, Christians understand a deeper reality.

No, the concrete that could be used to form this figurine won’t be infused with some evil spirit. Sitting on the statue won’t result in demonic possession. But there is something deeper to consider here.

Christians have a real category for the existence of evil. When horrific events occur we rightly call them “evil.” We don’t use the word to describe something as unfortunate. We don’t mean that for a particular people group at a particular point in history that something is merely socially unacceptable. It’s not just a language construct to give life definition. When we hear of the acts of child predators or a mass murderers, we rightly use the term evil and we actually have a category for our claim.

Should the statue be permitted, it will offer little insight into the moral actions of humanity. The ten commandments, on the other hand, which have been on display in Oklahoma for nearly two years, offer volumes.

But if moral distinctions are only an illusion, as atheistic philosopher Alex Rosenberg suggests in his book The Atheist Guide to Reality, then who should care about a silly statue being placed on the lawn of a state capitol. However, if there is a real force in the world behind both natural and moral evil, then we might think twice about paying it homage. And we might take a moment and consider the claim of the one who came to crush the head of this serpent in order to reverse the trajectory of human history.

Here’s the CNN article with the full story.