Debate Tips From Former Atheist Blogger

Leah Libresco used to write for the atheist portal of the popular blog She’s still contributes a column for the blog, but now it’s from a Christian perspective. What happened? She changed her mind.

After a public debate involving the existence of God and moral values Leah made a comment to a Christian friend in a private conversation that made her realize her opinion, or better yet, her paradigm, was shifting. Her strong moral inclinations led her to personify morality itself. She had stopped seeing moral values as less of an “ideal” and more of a person. And her conversion to belief in God followed in short order. You can read about her journey towards faith here.

This video is of Leah’s talk at the annual seven day event “Chicago Ideas Week.” Leah offers tips for engaging in meaningful conversations, for sharpening debate strategies, and more importantly, for seeking understanding instead of merely demanding to be heard. I showed this video in my worldview class as an example of what it means to “season our words with salt,” as the Apostle Paul says in Colossians 4:5-6, so that we might know how to answer “outsiders.”