Jesus & the Colbert Report

Who is Jesus? You might be surprised to learn that the official chaplain to the Colbert Report gives a compelling answer to this question while providing an orthodox view of the hypostatic union (the divinity and humanity of Christ) in the excerpt of his new book provided in an article at the Huffington Post. James Martin’s new book Jesus: A Pilgrimage looks like it will offer a refreshing counter to recent books that seek to revision the historical Jesus.

Orthodoxy is eternal but heresy is as old as time. The person and message of Jesus will always be under fire, and his followers should be close enough to feel the heat. And I have to admit, I would not typically look to anyone affiliated with the Colbert Report for apologetic support. But the official chaplain of the show, at least in the published excerpt of his book, seems to point readers to the real deal:

“But humanity and divinity are both part of Jesus’s story. Omit one or the other, scissor out the uncomfortable parts, and it’s not Jesus we’re talking about any longer. It’s our own creation.”

I plan to order the book today and will perhaps post something about it in the near future. I’m just reminded that sometimes orthodoxy is found in unlikely places, and besides giving people plenty to laugh about, perhaps the Colbert Report, or at least its chaplain, will give them something to think about as well.