A Doubter’s Guide to the Bible

A Doubter’s Guide to the Bible is a welcomed book for anyone who cares about Scripture in our increasingly secular age. John Dickson, the author, is a reliable guide in the domain of apologetics. He serves as the founding director of the Centre for Public Christianity in Sydney, Australia. His latest book is a must have resource that should find a home, not on your bookshelf, but on your coffee table or office desk for quick access.

The book follows the basic contours of a biblical worldview giving the reader an apologetic-style survey of the high-water marks of Scripture from beginning to end. While moving at a high altitude and a fast pace from Genesis to Revelation, Dickson makes room to provide brief responses to common secular objections. And he includes honest insider-talk regarding disputed interpretations within orthodox Christianity.

This work is deep enough for doubters, broad enough for skeptics, and high enough for serious minded students of the gospel. You can obtain a copy for yourself here. Or you can just stop by my office where it will be sitting out in clear sight on my desk as I plan to reference it often.