Mansion or Mission Field

I never would have imagined that I would live in a mansion for my first full-time ministry assignment. After accepting a call as a Student Pastor in Nasvhille, TN, we moved into a 14,000+ square foot home that once belonged to famed country music singer Tammy Wynette, and years prior to Hank Williams Sr. Nashville tour buses would make multiple stops per day out front for tourists to peer over the electric gate and get a glimpse of country music history.

Sometimes my wife and I would stand out front and wave. Baptist Press even carried a story on the home a couple weeks after we moved in. Shortly after, I called all my seminary buddies and let them know what they could expect upon graduation: fame and fortune.

But the home was not purchased for us, and we were only temporary residents. For a few months we lived in the master suite which was actually bigger than the home we sold in Kentucky to make our move south. The rest of the house was turned into a conference center. The home that once hosted world renowned artists and celebrities was now used for Bible studies, potluck socials, and youth group on Wednesday nights.

This is a good reminder of how Christians should see the world. We will either act as though we are living in a mansion or on a mission field. In a mansion we have ownership and we are catered to day and night. On a mission field we are there because of the God who owns all things has sent us with a towel and basin and a commission to serve. In a mansion we find luxury and pleasure. On a mission field we find the adventure for which we were created.