Afterword (By Flame)

I was obsessed with the world.
It offered me glitter not gold,
And I believed the lies it told.

Its promises were sweet;
It swayed my mind away from reality.
Its allure was strong;
It offered me life — but it was wrong.

Its emptiness drained my will to live;
I must be more than dust — just blowing in the wind.

It left me without purpose and hope — feeling somber.
Where did it get its strength — I wondered?

Why was I so in love?
I’m talking head over heels.
Why did I commit my way to Nothing
And its philosophical thrills?

But there was a historical figure they said was the Truth;
One who could free me from Nothing and its worldly noose.

They said His name is Jesus and that He is the way.
He offered me love, forgiveness, and grace.
I found true life in Him: said goodbye to the Nothing.
Eternal life I have gained: now end of discussion.


Marcus Gray, aka FLAME, wrote this for the afterword of Jesus or Nothing (Crossway, 2014). The follow up book Christ or Chaos will come out in with Crossway in January 2016.