The Faith of Harvard University

The advance of the Kingdom of God is not contingent upon the prominence of Christians on the campus of Harvard University. But the nation’s most prestigious university is pretty important, so I don’t think any of my evangelical brethren are going to applaud the findings of the recent survey of their freshman students. Though the data might not be encouraging, it’s certainly not surprising.

The single largest religious affiliation of Harvard’s class of 2019 is Agnostic (21%). Catholic and Protestant are neck-and-neck at 17.1% and 17% respectively. Lagging not far behind is the category of Atheist at 16.6%. If this were a race (think the Kentucky Derby) then I’m not sure who will pull ahead over the next four years before these students cross the finish line with degrees in hand.

But I do know this: the gospel is big enough to make a dent anywhere. I know a few students there who are a part of a gospel movement on that beuatiful campus. I’ve toured Harvard yard with students bold enough to speak the truth even as they stand in front of the statue of three lies. They’re crazy enough to think that the gospel will actually make a difference in the heart of academia. And I’m inclined, with every fibre of my being, to agree with them.