How to Defeat Religion in 10 Easy Steps

“If we want to defeat religion, we have to do it without the religious realizing what we are doing,” writes Ryan Cragun in his 2015 book How to Defeat Religion in 10 Easy Steps: A Toolkit for Secular Activists. Of course, if he really wanted to keep this from “the religious” he shouldn’t have published a book. But since we are getting the secret out, I thought I’d publish Cragun’s ten steps to defeating religion.

One: Promote and Defend Secular Education

Two: Empower Gender, Sexual, and Racial Minorities

Three: Provide “This Life” Security

Four: Encourage Sexual Liberation for Everyone

Five: Stop Subsidizing Religion and Deregulate It

Six: Encourage Regulated Capitalism

Seven: Support Education, Art, and Science

Eight: Syncretize Holidays and Rituals

Nine: Change Society to Value Critical Thinking and Scientific Inquiry

Ten: Teach Humanist Ethics in School

Well, there you have it. The grand strategy is out. But I doubt any Christian engaged in the public square will find any of these surprising.  Many of these priorities make headlines on a weekly, if not daily, basis. But the war on religion is doomed if religion, well Christianity specifically speaking, happens to be true. In that case, you’re going to need a whole lot more than a top ten list to paper over an empty tomb and hold back a risen Savior.


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