Triangle Chips and the Sanctity of Human Life

There was some sort of social media hullabaloo over a Super Bowl commercial about potato chips. Doritos portrayed a proud couple meeting with a doctor for an ultrasound. The baby went crazy in response to his father’s snack of choice. Let’s just say the little fella had a hankerin’ for the cheese-flavored triangle chips. Here’s the commercial:

The apparent issue¬†for a particular Twitter account that suspiciously looks like a parody (of itself or something else) is that the commercial depicts the baby as, well, a baby. Color me surprised but I thought human beings gave birth to other human beings, and this commercial, if it does anything, simply reminds us that pregnant mothers aren’t carrying puppies.

Doritos unintentionally, at least to some small degree, betrayed the intuitive notion that many seek to suppress: that babies are real living human beings even before the miracle of delivery. In that one instant a final push from a mother and a gentle pull from a doctor magically turns a fetas into a human; a marvel of modern scientific progress. What was, only moments before, a subhuman clump of cells, turns, in the twinkling of an eye, into something categorically different.

I doubt Doritos had all of this in mind when they paid millions for a Super Bowl spot. It’s funny what things make us laugh ourselves into convictions long ago discarded and bring us face to face with a reality we can’t avoid, that this thing in the mother’s womb is precious and is endowed by its creator with certain inalienable rights. For starters, the right to life.