What is Man?

The greatest tragedies in human history have come as a result of answering the question wrongly, “What is man?” I believe it is only by starting with God that we can find a sustainable definition of what it means to be human. Therefore, the first and most foundational question for humanity is not “What is man?” but “Who is God?”

If we begin with first answering the question about man and then moving on to understanding God we will likely end in error. We could think, like the early Greek philosopher Protagoras, that man is the measure of all things. Or, like the New Age thinkers, we could conclude that man is god. On the other hand, we could follow neo-Darwinian thought and end up determining that man is something less than human.

We must begin with God. That’s why Psalm 8 frames this central question about the nature of man located in the middle of the Psalm with bookend verses about the Creator. The opening verse and the final verse repeat, “O LORD, Our Lord, how excellent is your name in all the earth!” I elaborate on this point in the following sermon on Psalm 8, which I preached recently at Cedarville University.