Dialogue with the Dean: Author Larry Taunton

Earlier I posted a link to a news story on the Boyce College event “Dialogue with the Dean” with author Larry Taunton. As I share in the interview, Larry is the only public apologist I’ve invited to speak at Boyce in my five-year tenure as dean. We’ve not just invited him once, but several times. The reasons for this are simple: I think his approach to apologetics is intentional, charitable, and convictional. I hope you enjoy our conversation. Use the audio player below or click here to open in a new window.

[audioplayer file=”http://theolatte.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/Dialogue-with-the-Dean-Larry%20Taunton.mp3″ transparentpagebg=”yes” bg=”e4e4e4″ leftbg=”ff7f1a” lefticon=”444240″ track=”e4e4e4″ tracker=”82bebe” loader=”82bebe” text=”000000″ righticon=”444240″ width=”300″ rightbg=”57a4a4″ volslider=”82bebe” skip=”e4e4e4″]