The Elephant in the Room

Everyone has an elephant. That’s the point of the illustration Christian philosopher and author James Sire shares in one of his many books on developing a biblical worldview. The story goes like this: a son asks his father on what does the earth rest. The father tells his inquisitive son that the earth sits on the back of a turtle. That should settle everything, right?

Wrong. The persistent son is not satisfied as the turtle must sit on something. The son keeps asking and the father replies respectively with bigger and bigger animals as the basis for what supports everything else. Finally he tells the boy everything is on the back of an elephant. When the son asks the obvious question, “What’s the elephant standing on?” the father simply says, “It’s elephant all the way down.”

We all have a worldview elephant, a final stopping point for what we believe is, at bottom, the nature of reality. Sadly, most people don’t spend too much time thinking about their worldview elephant. For the atheist the elephant is matter and energy. For the Christian it is an eternal and personal Mind. Surprisingly, many, if not most, atheists or Christians every really consider the logical consequences of their intellectual commitments.

This is one of the reasons I’m excited about the video study based on my recent book Christ or Chaos. It’s a survey of the Christian story, the biblical view of the world, set against the backdrop of one of its most popular and aggressive foes: secularism. This four-session study explores the foundations of the Christian view of reality framed by four words: Creation, Separation, Incarnation, and Regeneration.

You can read more about the study at You can download the study for personal use here. If you want to use the study with small groups, you can get it here. Both options provide you with four videos (approximately 30 minutes each), detailed outlines of the lessons, discussion questions, and promotional graphics.