Happy Chewbacca: Three Reasons We Love This Video

It’s a simple video that went viral. Candace Payne is a woman whose birthday gift to herself made her famous. She had no idea her video to her friends on Facebook showing them her gift would make her an internet sensation and get her invited to the Late, Late Night Show and Good Morning America, and allow her to meet J.J. Abrams and even the actor who played Chewbacca in Star Wars.

The video is funny and I don’t want to overthink or analyze the content. This isn’t a worldview post, per se. But I do think it’s worth stopping to reflect on what it is about this simple video that makes us laugh and what it is about Candace that makes us thrilled to see what’s come as a result of her fleeting popularity. Perhaps we can find some simple lessons that can help all of us spread a little joy, even if we never experience fifteen minutes of fame.

First, I think we find joy in this because Candace found joy in making it. Her laugh is a major reason people keep clicking the play button. Joy is infectious.

Another reason I think so many people have shared this link is because it is a refreshing example of someone not taking themselves too seriously. In a world where everyone is worried about impressing people who probably don’t notice, it is nice to see someone willing to be themselves.

One final reason I think many people have enjoyed watching the clip and seeing the good fortune that has come about as a result the video’s popularity is Candace’s focus on others. If you watch her interviews you will see that she has a self-depracating nature with a focus on encouraging others.

Perhaps nothing is more repulsive than someone focused on making themselves look good by belittling others. Candace seems to be the exact opposite. I believe her joy and self-forgettfulness are a big part of her current popularity. We would do well to consider her example. And maybe we should even get the Chewbacca mask while we’re at it for good measure.