Our Next Chapter

After eleven years of service at Boyce College and Southern Seminary we are starting a new chapter. Today we head north in a caravan of a cargo van filled with my library, a U-Haul filled with some of our belongings (the bulk of our stuff will be moved next week), and a minivan filled with our family. Here’s what I’m looking forward to.

I really want to invest the next season of my life with a focus on teaching and writing in a liberal arts setting. That’s why we were really excited when offered this opportunity at Cedarville University.  My title will be Associate Professor of Applied Theology and Apologetics. I will serve under the leadership of Dr. Jason Lee, Dean of the School of Biblical and Theological Studies. I will also start and lead the Center for Biblical Apologetics and Public Christianity. And, in God’s kindness, to tie it all together, I have recently signed a two book contract with the Good Book Company.

My next book will focus on the effects of the fall in Genesis and how believers fight for faith in a fallen world. I’m also working on the next installment of The Owlings. It will be a prequel. It will come out in February 2017. The second book for the Good Book Company is going to have more of a devotional focus on the breakfast conversation Jesus shared with the disciples in John 21.

Cedarville University is a unique school with its confessional commitment to biblical inspiration and its academic excellence displayed through its many programs. The Center for Biblical Apologetics and Public Christianity will serve as an additional resource in the university community for helping students think biblically about their calling. I’m praying that the center can also have a ministry to other schools and communities in central Ohio.

Please pray for our family as we transition to a new place, a new role, a new school, and a new church. These past eleven years have been an undeserved honor and privilege. We are looking to the future with a lot excitement to see how God continues to demonstrate his faithfulness for his glory. Stay tuned.