Editing Jesus

Not long ago I visited Monticello, the famous plantation where the third president of the United States, Thomas Jefferson, is buried. Jefferson would’ve loved Tom Krattenmaker’s new book, Confessions of a Secular Jesus Follower: Finding Answers in Jesus for Those Who Don’t Believe. He authored one very similar to it.

Jefferson cut and pasted portions of the Gospel accounts, carefully avoiding all supernatural references and claims. His final product, The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth, is often referred to as the “Jefferson Bible.” It offers a Jesus-minus-the-miracles Christianity, a Jesus devoid of divinity.

Journalist and author Tom Krattenmaker is a revival in Jeffersonian editing. His book offers a secular vision for incorporating Jesus’s example into a humanistic framework.

This is an excerpt of a review of Krattenmaker’s book I wrote for The Gospel Coalition, to read the rest, click here