Some Thoughts on the End

Stephen Hawking’s recent comments about the need to evacuate earth are akin to the shot heard ’round the world, or in this case the voice heard ’round the universe. If you buy the purely materialistic outlook, like he does, then this makes perfect sense. Predictions about the end of earth, rooted in scientific theories, should be taken seriously. But the Christian believes we have more to go on than just science.

Hawking’s final comment on the video is “We need to know we are not alone in the dark.” Of course, the Christian believes we already know the answer to this question. We are not alone. Christians believe there is an author to human history, who has revealed to us how it all will end.

This is a good reminder that both the atheistic version and the theistic version of reality end in apocalypse. One story begins in chance, is governed by nothing, andĀ is headed towards likely extinction. The other story begins with Mind, is permeated by Providence, and is heading towards the reversalĀ of the curse and the establishment of a new creation.

Choose your story wisely.