Six Months of Radio Silence?

Leading up to the presidential election there was a growing divide, clearly evident on social media, and palatable in person in a crowd of evangelicals of about any size, regarding, at that time, Candidate Trump. Many evangelicals voiced concerns over his character and his manner. But then the election came and there has been an eerie silence. Why?

I cannot speak for anyone other than myself, but here are five reasons I think at least contribute to the radio silence. First, it is right and honorable and biblical that Christians support the office of president. The Apostle Paul makes it clear that we are to pray for and appropriately support government officials (Romans 13).

Second, because the election has taken place, it may at times be more appropriate and helpful to oppose ideas and policies than opposing individuals. In a presidential campaign one cannot help but place such concerns at the feet of those running for office. Once the election is decided, those concerns continue long after the confetti settles. Figuring out the best ways to work with the new president towards initiatives related to those concerns becomes the focus.

Third, there have been positive accomplishments for which evangelical leaders who may not have voted for President Trump are grateful. These occasions are reasons for thanksgiving and support. When Christians can celebrate the president’s accomplishments, they should, even if they didn’t vote for him.

Fourth, many relationships were challenged, stretched, and in some cases, damaged, due to differing convictions and opinions related to the election. The last six months have been a time for working to heal those relationships and focusing on the things that unite us as Christians.

Fifth, and finally, much that folks felt needed to be said―was said. After the election, to just rehash earlier statements isn’t necessarily helpful or charitable. There is no need to simply continue to put exclamation points on earlier concerns. Christian leaders I trust and respect will be diligent, I have no doubt, to break radio silence should faithfulness require as much.