A Woke Response to Sleeping Aliens and Pooping Idols

With all the resources and energy spent on finding aliens, why haven’t we discovered them yet? This is a question a lot of scientists have asked. Popular answers might surprise you.

The problem could be, not that we are sleeping on aliens but that they are sleeping on us. Literally speaking, that is. Some scientists suggest that the universe is “too hot right now for advanced, digital civilizations to make the most efficient use of their resources.”

Wait. What? Advanced digital civilizations? What?

Yep. You read it right. The aliens are likely not physical entities. They are digital. They have evolved through what is called “cultural evolution” into sheer data, a form of artificial intelligence. Such theories probably contribute to the concept espoused by people like Elon Musk who think we’re actually living in a fake reality, a digital world.

Dr. Stephen Dick, in a paper presented to the¬†International Astronautical Congress,¬†explains that, “extraterrestrials will have sought the best way to improve their intelligence, and may have long ago advanced beyond flesh-and-blood to artificial intelligence, constituting a post-biological universe.” He argues that we are more likely to find some superior intelligence in a digital existence, a post-biological state, than a flesh and blood alien like E.T.

Accounts that aliens are responsible for life on our planet, a theory known as panspermia, have been around for a long time and promoted by prestigious scientists like Francis Crick. To tie some of these things together: (1) we might be here because of aliens, (2) these aliens might be more of an intelligence than anything physical, and (3) there could be some post-biological existence, some kind of future life beyond the grave.

This sounds awfully biblical doesn’t it? It’s a good time for thinking people to remind themselves that much, if not all, of what finds its way into scientific conferences and journals is heavy laden with religious commitments driven by confirmation bias.

We should be “woke” to the worldview commitments of the experts.

When it comes to calling out sleeping deities we actually have a biblical parallel. Like when Elijah taunted the prophets of Baal that their god was perhaps sleeping or otherwise occupied (using the toilet – I Kings 18), Christians have a prophetic role in our science obsessed culture. What people need to fear is not a sleeping extraterrestrial digital alien, or a bathroom occupying Baal, but a living God who can rain down fire from heaven.